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I am 24, going on 25

Hello, dear readers!

My twenty-fifth birthday is steadily approaching. While I’m excited to turn a year older, it’s also dawning on me that I am getting closer to hitting thirty. (What? I can’t be getting old yet!) While I’m still twenty-four, I want to reflect on this poigant year in my life.

  • Good things, like job fairs, will come with time
  • It’s okay to worry about the future–I’m not the only one
  •  Be thankful for the everyday things: food, family, a house, a loving boyfriend, and a flexible job
  • The little things are what matter the most (like snuggling with my dogs, listening to fun music on the way to work, watching the snow fall outside my window, and curling up with a good book before bed)
  • It doesn’t do to fret about tomorrow (remember, it’s already tomorrow in Australia)
  • I just need to believe in myself (I know that I’m a good writer; I just need to work on getting back into the routine of creating again)
  • Family time (like hanging out or eating together) helps establish our connection to one another, as well as learning about each other’s day
  • My dogs are pretty funny. Bogan is getting vocal in his old age (today, he whinned on and off, begging me to feed him, even though it wasn’t 4:00 yet)
  • Attitude is everything
  • Blue October’s coming out with a new album!
  • I still love Disney movies, clever kid’s shows, and Winnie the Pooh
  • It’s okay to ask for help
  • This is an exciting time in my life, where new things are happening. There’s so much to look foward to!

I am Sixteen going on Seventeen


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