Hello, dear readers! I have a confession to make: I get obsessed with music. Due to this musical obsession, I’ll listen to an album repeatedly, sometimes several times throughout the day. The more poetry in the lyrics, the better. My current musical obsession is with Imogen Heap’s newest album, Sparks. I’ve always loved her music. “Hide… Continue reading Sparks


Music from Films: Big Hero 6’s “Immortal”

Hello, dear readers! Some of the best music I’ve discovered comes from films. I’m sure you’ve had a similar experience. You’re watching Big Hero 6, for example, and you find yourself digging Fall Out Boy’s featured song. You find yourself enjoying the music so much that you end up purchasing it on iTunes. Okay, you… Continue reading Music from Films: Big Hero 6’s “Immortal”

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Hiroyuki Sawano’s score for Attack on Titan

Hello, dear readers! Lately, I’ve developed an honest-to-colossus obsession with the Attack on Titan score by Hiroyuki Sawano. The two opening songs by Linked Horizon are also equally amazing. This school year, I’ve re-acquainted myself with anime through my boyfriend. His love of anime has reminded me of how much I love the different drawing styles,… Continue reading Hiroyuki Sawano’s score for Attack on Titan

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Favorite Songs from Anime

Hello, dear readers! As someone who loves watching anime, I’ve decided to share with you some of my favorite songs from some of my top anime shows and films. Enjoy! Note: I don’t own any of these YouTube videos or rights to these tv shows/films. Avatar: Legend of Korra, “Firebending Training”  Spirited Away: “It’s Hard… Continue reading Favorite Songs from Anime


Doomtree’s All Hands

Hello, fellow rap nerds! Wow. When I previewed the other songs in Doomtree’s set list for their latest studio album All Hands, disappointment swelled in my chest like an inflated balloon. I’d never felt that when listening to Doomtree, one of my all-time favorite indie rap groups. Never. Ever. Naturally, I began to worry. The Doom crew sounded,… Continue reading Doomtree’s All Hands