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Hello, dear readers!

Because it’s Monday, when kids have school again and adults have to go back to work, I’ve decided to post some YouTube videos of Mini Australian Shepherd puppies, as well as other cute puppy videos.

Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies asleep in the basket (from Snowleaf Miniature Australian Shepherds’ YouTube channel)

9 Week Old Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy (from Ashley Rae’s YouTube channel)

Australian Shepherds doing Tricks (from YPet’s YouTube channel)

Mini Australian Shepherd Frisbee Rally (Chopper) (from burtuzzi4ladybing’s YouTube channel)

This Kitten Loves His New Friend, the Golden Retriever Puppy (from The Meow Post’s YouTube channel)

Mini Dachshund Bath Time (from Alejandra554’s YouTube channel)

Have a great week, everyone!



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