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Graduation Preparation

Hello, dear readers! 

I’m currently outside, sitting by the firepit. There’s plenty of sun, puffy white clouds, and blue sky. Birds sing for mates or to claim their territory. Bogan and Bentley are at the end of their leashes, eager to be by us. 

Gramma and Grandpa are clearing out the detritus underneath our row of trees in the backyard; pots of plants are safely nestled in their dirt homes before being re-planted in the freshly churned earth. 

We eat chips and cheese, visit, and keep untangling Bogan from under our chairs.

The dogs mill about while Dad, Mom, Gramma and Grandpa work. 

I’m excited to see the finished product for Abbie’s graduation party in a few weeks. But for now, I’ll help out and enjoy the beautiful day. 


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