“What’s your name, man?”

Hello, dear readers!

Have you heard of Hamilton? Yes, it has to do with Alexander Hamilton, one of our founding fathers.

If you’re wondering if I’m talking about the amazing Broadway play, you’re right! My family and I are going to go see Hamilton. When Abbie texted me, I thought, No, Abbie, Mom said that we couldn’t go. 

Hamilton is unique in that it uses rap, jazz, and pop music to tell the story of one Alexander Hamilton. And, frankly, it’s incredible. The music is fantastic, the cast is amazing, and it’s all historically accurate.

But after texting Mom and getting a confirmation text, we are actually going. I cannot express how amazed and excited I am. This will be my first time on a plane, first time seeing a play on Broadway, and my first time in New York.

For safety reasons, I will not say specifically when we’re going, but it is a ways off.

60 Minutes interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda & Hamilton in general: Hamilton .

I cannot wait to be in the room where it happens.


2 thoughts on ““What’s your name, man?”

  1. Thank you for your comment, kayla’skonfetti! I’m glad you’re just as in love with Hamilton as I am! The cabinet rap battles are amazing. I can’t wait to be in the room where it happens. 🙂

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  2. I’m absolutely obsessed with this musical! (Currently listening to Cabinet Battle #1) I hope you every second of the show, as for me I’ll just have to ‘wait for it’ 🙂

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