Hello, dear readers!

To prepare for Hamilton, I have been listening to the original Broadway cast production.

While I’m not a history buff, I love a good story. And, boy, is Hamilton a fantastic story. The life that Alexander Hamilton led is fascinating to me, especially how he disciplined himself at an early age to educate himself. It’s also amazing to me that he was only nineteen when he was Washington’s right hand man during the Revolutionary War.

Here’s some of my all time favorites from the musical:

1. Alexander Hamilton 

The opening song delivers a magnificent, and compelling, introduction to who Alexander Hamilton was–and is, since his legacy lives on in things like our currency.

2. You’ll Be Back

This British pop ballad is sung by none other than King George III. It’s beautifully hilarious.

3. Right Hand Man

Where Alex becomes Washington’s right hand man. And can I say that Washington’s and Hamilton’s raps are amazing? I also love the alliteration and the pacing, including the cannon fire and the whinny of horses in the background.

4. I Know Him

I love how King George III says, “John Adams?” His laugh at the end is priceless. The whole song is fun and amusing.

5. The Room Where it Happens

In which Burr loses it because he wasn’t in the room where the deal was made.

6. We Know

When I first heard this, I was freaking out. Because I realized that Alex got busted for his infidelity with Reynold’s wife.

7. Burn

I feel so bad for Eliza. Phillipa Soo does an incredible job conveying Eliza’s anger and despair. This leaves me stunned every time I listen.

8. It’s Quiet Uptown

After the death of their son Phillip, Alex and Eliza grieve. Through their grief, they are able to fix their marital issues.

Just wow. Wow.

9. The World was Wide Enough

The duel between Hamilton and Burr, and the aftermath.

10. Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

I actually choked up while listening to this for the first time. History is very, very cool.

Overall, this is one of my new favorite musicals. There are more songs that I would like to include–like the cabinet rap battles–but then this list would be too long. And I want you guys to check out this amazing musical on your own.

To learn more about Alexander Hamilton, check out the PBS page.


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