The Energizer Bunny Effect (blog blog blog, post post post…)

Hello, dear readers!

I have a new computer!!

Because of this, I’m able to blog more–which means more posts and updates. I’m still a little in shock that this new laptop is actually *mine.* It looks a little alien on my desk, which has been missing the couple pounds that my laptop adds to its surface.

My computer arrived on Monday, and spent the rest of the day setting it up. Then, I proceeded to watch Youtube videos–specifically Markiplier’s play through of Until Dawn, which is a curious horror based game.

The speakers are louder, which is nice for when I’m not using headphones.

Anyway, I feel much more driven to write blog posts. Hence the title and idea of the Energizer Bunny. Of course, there’s always room for improvement. (And when I say improvement, I mean that I need to write more Blue October posts, as well as more book reviews.)

Basically, I need to make sure that I add more to the sub-categories of my blog. And that I don’t just stuff it with random stuff. Although, knowing me, this might happen. Even though I arranged a schedule, I don’t always stick to it.

In general, I need to beef up my morning/evening tunes section, as well as my reviews category. My blogging sub-categories need to be beefed up, too.

Having this blog is a good challenge for me in organization, word-choice, using poetry in my every day sentences, etc.

What keeps you blogging?


Add your thoughts.

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