Blue October · evening tunes

Evening Tunes

Hello, dear readers!

Because it’s late, and I realized while at work that it’s a Blue Tuesday, I decided to do a compilation of Evening Tunes–something I haven’t done in quite a while.

  1. Blind Guardian’s “Battlefield”

I *wish* they had this song available on iTunes. But, alas, I can only listen to it on repeat via YouTube.

If you love this song, you should totally consider checking out their other works. My (only) and favorite album is At the Edge of Time.


2. Blue October’s “Breathe, It’s Over”

This is the opening of Sway, and I feel like this song is an underrated gem. It not only sets the tone for the album, but also is a great stand-alone piece.

3. Cut Ribbons “Bound in Love”

One of my favorite lines is “I gave you my hands and my hunger.” For me, this imagery focuses on the trust that the speaker felt for their lover, but as the song details, his advances didn’t work out. Still, a pretty and meditative piece.

4. Fiona Apple’s cover of “Pure Imagination”

I love her voice. It sounds like something out of the ’40s. This new take on a older song is fresh, unique, and moving. The orchestra also helps propel this song forward with grace and beauty.

5. twenty one pilots “Before You Start Your Day”

This is one of my favorite songs of twenty one pilots. It’s beautiful, contemplative, and honest. The piano and strings helps convey the emotions of the words on the page.

Have a great night, everybody!


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