Mary Poppins: A High School Production

Hello, dear readers!

This spring, I had the privilege of watching my sister Abbie on the stage. Her high school preformed Mary Poppins, and it was fabulous. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking–but Meghan, you’re biased because your little sister is in it!

While this statement might be only somewhat true, I can vouch for my response because I can compare it to the Chanhassen musical version. (I love Chanhassen, but the production my family and I saw lacked the magic that I usually associate with Chanhassen play productions. Go here if you’re interested in my Chanhassen review.)

With that out of the way, here’s a list of things I really liked about the high school production:

– Abbie’s production was made with kids–both high school and elementary-age–which made the experience more delightful and funny.

– The transitions between scenes were quicker and fluid.

– The children who played Jane and Michael Banks acted like children. They played pranks, grew to enjoy Mary Poppins’ games, and were overjoyed when their father wanted to start spending more time with them.

– The scenes at the bank were hilarious, complete with an amusing business pitch between Mr. Banks and a German client.

– The songs were wonderful. “Step in Time” with the chimney sweeps was one of my favorites.

– It’s always fun to see Abbie on stage. She’s been a few plays over the years. This was her second speaking role. She was Mrs. Corry, a statue, a member of the chorus, and a chimney sweep. She’s a good dancer, and has a nice singing voice.

– Mr. and Mrs. Banks were a strong dynamic throughout the play.

– The young woman who played Mary Poppins accidentally left her hat on stage at the end of the musical, but at the time it seemed like she had done so on purpose. She was a senior. (There’s a tradition in the Olympics with wrestlers that you leave your shoes on the mat after your last match. My dad, mom, and I thought that that was what she had done, only with her hat.)

I was very pleased with the high school production. As always, I enjoyed seeing Abbie preform–she’s delightful on stage. I can’t wait to see what musical the high school will pick next!


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