Happy Birthday, On the Prairie!

On the Prairie turned one today. Yay!
On the Prairie turned one today. Yay!

Hello, dear readers!

Today is my blog’s first birthday! I can’t believe how much blogging has changed and enhanced my life. My tiny idea for a book blog has expanded into a full-fledged blog, a blog that’s won three awards, gone through many themes until I found the perfect look–Sela, changed the name to a much more suitable title–from Wordy & Nerdy to On the Prairie, gained 30 followers, and acquired as of today, 100 plus posts.

I can’t wait to see where my adventures in blogging takes me.

I’m so glad that I decided to start blogging. It’s been an amazing and wonderful new hobby.

Thank you so much to everyone who follows, reads, comments, and likes On the Prairie. Without you guys, this blog would only be half as fun.

Here’s to a fantastic ongoing journey,


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