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Coffee, O Coffee, Wherefore art Thou?

Dear self, please wake up. Thank you.  [from Google images]
Dear self, please wake up. Thank you.
[from Google images]
Good morning, dear readers!

It’s only Tuesday and already I’m beginning to feel tired. After spending some quality time in the library (on the third floor, the coldest floor that the library has to offer, the designated quiet floor), I feel a definite need for coffee to keep me awake today.

But before I go traipsing though the snow–because I know how much Morris needed more snow to drop from the sky–I thought it best to write a blog post.

You see, I need to re-learn the fine art of going to bed on time. I’ve been lax with that rule these past few weeks. Even though I’m allowed at least one or two nights where I stay up until the wee hours of the morning, in doing so, I will mess up my sleep schedule. My body is naturally set to a specific time for sleeping and waking up. (Oh, and let’s not forget that as a college student I live and breathe alarms on my phone and alarm clock.) In tampering with my natural Circadian rhythm, my days and nights are becoming mixed up.

Day is not night. Night is not day.

Obviously, I need to fix this problem.

While I am not a natural coffee drinker–having only just begun to purchase coffee this past semester–I am prepared to put its powers to good use once again. (Just think how fantastic it would be if we had a superhero named Captain Coffee? Or maybe the name should be Constant Coffee?)

So, in order to prevent myself from taking an overly long nap today, I’ll be buying some delicious coffee. Maybe a mocha.

Stay awake everyone,


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