On Blogging 

Hello, dear readers!

Tonight, as I head back home from Chanhassen, I find solace in the music I’m listening to–Avatar: The Legend of Korra. 

I also find peace in the words I’m writing. If you’d asked me several years ago if I would consider writing a blog, I would probably say you were being ridiculous. “Me,” I might’ve replied, “write a blog?” 

I used to write fan-fiction based off of Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle. But that was back when I was in junior high and high school. (I quit after my freshman year of college, much too busy to devote extensive hours to my creative prose. I honed my poetry skills that year.)

Writing this blog has helped me write prose more often, even if it’s mostly reviews, thoughts, and my ideas about my personal life and interests.

While I want to revamp my topics, particularly my categories at the top of my blog, I feel more confident about my blogging  abilities. I know how to put gifs into posts, how to format a blog so that it looks sharp instead of just bear bones, and I am getting better at coming up with creative titles for my posts.

Overall, I love blogging. The experience gives me confidence, validating my writing abilities, and allows me to set aside time during the day for a creative outpouring.

There are topics I need to focus on more (I.e. Blue October) and categories I want to fix or add.

But, for now, I am content.

Happy blogging,


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