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The Inheritance Cycle: Book Three

Brisingr is a much slower book, compared to the speed with which Eragon and Eldest’s prose moves.

For me, Brisingr has its moments of intensity, like when Roran enters battle, but for the most part, this novel focuses on getting important tasks done. There is also so much stuff that is going on, and if I tried to write about it all, I’d be writing a monster of a post.

Instead, I’ll do a list of things I thought were cool and not so cool in the third installment of the Inheritance Cycle.


– Roran gaining further military skills and working his way up the rank

– Eragon gets to be without Saphira for extended periods of time

– We get some chapters with Saphira’s point of view

– There’s some more information about Arya

– Eragon and Roran experience PTSD (this isn’t what I’d call cool, but I like that they aren’t invisible to mental trauma)

– Katrina is pregnant!

– We get to hear King Galbatorix’s voice

– Murtagh returns to fight Eragon & Saphira

– Eragon learns about his parentage (spoiler: it was Brom and Selena)

– Eldunari’s

– Eragon’s new sword, which he appropriately names Brisingr


– There’s more talking, less action

– Politics

– The middle of the book is kinda stagnant

– The Ra’zac are defeated pretty quickly (no, seriously, they’re taken out in the third or fourth chapter)

– Eragon’s long debate with himself regarding Sloan’s fate (he’s Katrina’s father, remember? Oh, and he was the nasty butcher back in Carvahall)

– The deaths of Glaeder and Oromis (this really bummed me out)

Overall, this book does have some interesting new qualities to it (i.e. Saphira’s point of view), while the book can get super slow at times (the dwarf’s politics). The last half picks up again, and gets really interesting.

Does this list format work better for you guys?

Let me know in the comments,


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