Dan Bull

Hello, readers!

If you haven’t heard of one Dan Bull, you just need to do some quick Googling. Dan raps about games, gaming culture, politics, and issues concerning people with autism. Personally, I didn’t know who Dan was until my boyfriend started showing me various videos of his. Because I appreciate indie rap, Dan Bull’s work steadily grew on me. He is prolific, intelligent, and a good writer and rapper.

And he has autism.

Instead of focusing on the negative, Dan explains through rapping that his Asperger’s has helped him become a poet. He doesn’t sugar-coat his personal experiences, however. Dan also explains that because of his autism some things make him feel uncomfortable–like large crowds.

As someone who personally is on the autism spectrum, I find it comforting to know that Dan welcomes his autism, instead of saying that it hinders him.

If you love gaming or indie rap, check out Dan Bull’s Youtube channel: Douglby.

Here’s Dan rapping about living with autism:

This is an example of how amazing Dan is when it comes to rapping about games:



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