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Into the Woods

I’ve only seen a high school production of this, and loved it. But that was several years ago. Last night, I agreed to go with Abbie to the new Disney version of Into the Woods. All I knew was that it was getting good reviews. I had absolutely no expectations.

We went to the 9:30 showing. There were only two other families: one behind and one in front of us. Somehow, the guys behind us didn’t realize that they went to a musical. At one point, the guy behind me loudly said, “Thank God!” after the baker’s wife stopped singing where she realizes that it’s more important to return to your husband and your child than to kiss a prince.

I wanted to ask, once the movie was over of course, if they didn’t like musicals. But Abbie stopped me from being intrusive, which was probably for the best.

It seems like whenever I go to a musical and don’t have any expectations, that musical turns out to be amazing: great cast, fabulous scenery, and excellent singing. Into the Woods has all of this, and much more.

If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it!

One of my favorite scenes. I love the shirt ripping, because it’s hilarious and completely ridiculous.

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