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Happy New School Year!

Hello, fellow readers!

Today was my first day back at the college grindstone.

The only difference for me is the realization that this is my last spring semester here at Morris. Naturally, this changes my perspective on how I view going to class, seeing my friends, eating at the dining hall, attending my poetry club and hanging out with my boyfriend.

While I’m sure that I’ll miss the energetic—and if I’m honest, sometimes tired-feeling—atmosphere of my college courses, I am sure that I will not miss the stress of school. (Although, my life will change once I’m done with school. My stress over papers, grades, tests/quizzes shall become stress over doing the best I possibly can at my job.) While I’ve always loved school, there will come a time where I will feel ready to move on and venture out into the Real World and the Job Market.

Whenever a friend or family member asks me what I want to do with my English degree, my response has always been “something with writing.” I’ve occasionally thought about maybe working at a publishing house one day. Or I could send my poetry to a publishing house. I’m actually not sure what I’m going to do with once I’m done with college. This has been both an exciting and scary thought to me.

So far, this year has been great. I had a wonderful Christmas Break. I got to relax, sleep in, see my dogs again and watch and read whenever and whatever I wanted.

But now I have returned to school.

I got back late last night, so I made time today for putting away clothes and food. Thankfully, I only had one class, which meant that there was plenty of time to eat lunch with my boyfriend, take a nap, and organize my clothes and food. Right now, I don’t have too much homework. But it feels good to be back.

I’m also excited to read the books I got for class, one of which is a graphic novel.

Happy new school year,


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