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Thoughts on Doomtree

The Doom unit. You better get used to it.

Wings and teeth.

I didn’t consider rap a legitimate art form until I listened to Doomtree.

In 2011, my friend Thomas, got me hooked on their music, and showed me the indie rap outlet I so desperately needed. I have him to thank for helping me see the poetry in a music genre that I had disavowed and disapproved of for years. In 2011, I grew to quickly understand that the rap that I thought I knew was just mainstream.

I’m not writing this post to knock mainstream music, or mainstream anything, for that matter. Mainstream music, in my opinion, is great. Without it, I wouldn’t have catchy tunes to play to pump myself up when I’m feeling sad or tired. Without mainstream music, I wouldn’t have a cute romantic song to play to remind me of my sweet, adorable new boyfriend. Generally, I respect any music artist who has the guts to preform in front of large crowds of people. I struggle with public speaking–don’t we all?

I’ve always loved it when artists, intentionally or not, used poetic turns of phrase in their song lyrics. Hearing alliteration, slant rhymes, similes, or metaphors in a song fills me with joy.

Doomtree fulfills my cravings for poetic verses, and sick beats. I’ll leave you with DTR rapping while riding around on bicycles, giving a shoutout to Minnesota, their home state.



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