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Home at Last

Hey, fellow readers & bloggers!

I’m finally home for Christmas break! I have so many things to be thankful for this year: The joy of sleeping in, eating meals with my parents and younger sister Abbie, watching Netflix, and being able to return to reading on my Kindle.

I want to look back on this past fall semester and remember all the reasons why I love college, instead of focusing on the negative aspects of the school year.

Fall 2014 Highlights 

This past semester has been tough, but proved to be grateful challenge coming from Morris. I couldn’t ask for a better school. My friends are smart, generous, and kind people. I know that I’m going to repeat myself here, but I truly am glad to have gained such a wonderful group of friends.

In late September, I got a new boyfriend who is a cheerful addition to my life. His positive outlook on life helps remind me to not stay so serious all the time–which is something that I naturally do in my private life. While I like getting into deep conversations, I recognize that not everyone is mentally on the same page as me. (I can get pretty goofy with my friends, especially when I’m socializing after several hours alone in my dorm room.)

I was lucky to make it to one of my best friend’s senior seminar presentation. He did a fabulous job. In addition to hearing Alex’s senior sem, I got to meet his dad, who is a wonderful person. After Alex’s presentation, we went out to eat to celebrate.

After years of not attending, I finally made it to the Banned Books Reading in the library, which solidified my understanding of how ridiculous–and controversial–banning a book is. Though I didn’t read, I throughly enjoyed listening to excerpts from novels like Angels & Demons, The Vagina Monologues, and Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West.

On Halloween, I played games in the library with my boyfriend and our friends. I’ve now played Cards Against Humanity multiple times, and love the game, even though it is problematic. I also went to my second showing of Rocky Horror, which had a great turnout.

For my tap dance class, I actually got to perform in our Dance Ensemble show. My classmates and I did a tap number to this song:

It was very fun for me to be the one on stage, instead of seeing someone else–like my sister, Abbie–dancing. I’m excited to get the DVD copy in the mail!

One of the last thing I did before finals week was hang out with my friends from my poetry group. We didn’t touch the games that my friend Julie had set out, but instead we made a Google Doc of all the movies and TV shows that Julie needs to watch–at some point.

All of these little things made this past semester a memorable one. I’m excited to be home relaxing, even if my brain is still on a school kick.

Then again, I’ve already watched about four movies on Netflix. So maybe I’m actually already settling in?

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