What does Love feel Like?

Good evening, dear readers!

First off: Don’t worry, I will be homework-ing very soon. I’ve been trucking up and down stairs with clean and dirty loads of laundry, so I decided to take a quick blog break.

Now that that’s out-of-the-way–

What does love feel like?

While making new countdowns on my Dreamdays app, I finally decided to add “1 yr” to my list. In the past, my relationships were with guys I liked–and at one point in time was in love with–but each relationship was not meant to last.

My most recent relationship is lasting. Two days ago, my boyfriend and I hit the 7 month mile marker. I know, 7 months is nothing compared to, say, 7 years. But, for me, this is a personal accomplishment.

This is officially my longest relationship. (Yay!)

Rory and I met in the library, of all places. We hung out of few times, watching some anime or cartoons, before I asked him if he liked me. (I could tell that something was up, because he kept wanting to hang out with me.) When he said yes, I admitted that I liked him as well.

Now, I am feeling a little shocked. In the past, I’d had high hopes of my previous relationships lasting, but those ships always sunk for person reasons. So far with Rory, I feel like we’re sailing in the harbor, getting ready to set out to sea.

My mom once commented, “You look like each other.” And I agree.

What’s even funnier is the fact that we’re similar in height. I’m five feet, maybe five feet one inch. Rory’s several inches taller than me.

This semester has been a tough one for me, and having Rory to offer moral support has been wonderful. He genuinely cares about me, and I care about him. We’re not studying in the same field, so there’s no competition; he’s a bio-chemistry major, and I’m an English major. While there’s four, five years between us, he’s mature and (clearly) smart. He believes that I’m a good writer, that I will succeed in school and in the Big World of Jobs. I’m excited to see where his passion for the sciences goes. We have similar tastes in music, TV shows, and humor. Rory’s goofy and loving.

In short, he’s a wonderful person, even more so in this particular juncture of my life. I couldn’t ask for a better man right now.

The cliché of people being crazy when in love is a little true, if I’m honest. You feel happier after hearing their voice, or seeing their face. Hearing the words “I love you” warms you. Hanging out for three–or more–hours seems like three minutes. And when you’re apart, you find yourself missing them terribly at times.

Rory is a special person. I’m glad–and grateful–he’s in my life.

In my mind, all of these things is what loves feels like.

Congrats to all the lovers out there,


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