Cleaning House

Levi in cleaning mode.  [Google images; Attack on Titan.]
Levi in cleaning mode.
[Google images; Attack on Titan.]
Hello, WordPress!

I need your input. Lately, I’ve been tacking on more and more categories. Originally, I started out with some areas that I wanted to review–books, movies, TV shows, etc.–as well as writing about my experiences as a senior in college.

But now, I’ve got four main categories and easily over three subcategories. I worry that if I keep going, my blog will completely lose direction. (Don’t worry, I’m not giving up on blogging! I just need some help in narrowing stuff down.)

I also am considering changing the name of my blog to match the over-arching theme of being a college student learning on the prairie.

Do you have any helpful tips for narrowing down my blog topic/s? What do you guys do when you feel like you’re derailing from the main purpose of your blog? 

Any input will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


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For Once, Rocks aren’t Boring

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The Power of Preparedness: An Interviewing Skills Workshop Story

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A (Surprise) Letter to my Boyfriend

Dear Rory, You are like the Wings of Freedom to me. You keep me sane and happy. When my inner Titans attack, you are like Levi and rip them to shreds. I love you more than I love eating potatoes. We’d be an awesome team, you and me, shooting through the sky, landing atop the… Continue reading A (Surprise) Letter to my Boyfriend