A Positive Outlook

Welcome to On the Prairie!

The song “Jump Rope” encompasses the hopes and possibilities that life has to offer, as well as factoring in occasional hiccups that you experience along the way. Apart from the song being delightful and happy, I connect to “Jump Rope” on a highly personal level. As a senior in college at the University of Minnesota, Morris, I love the validation of truly knowing that I can excel in whatever my professors, my courses, and the waiting real world will throw at me.  This is what “Jump Rope” accomplishes, while also providing me with a solid reminder of the joy and excitement that life has to offer.

3 thoughts on “A Positive Outlook

  1. It’s true. I must have gone through at least six before I finally settled on this one over winter break! 😀

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  2. Thanks! I love it, too. I wanted to have a better color than turquoise, even though my favorite color is blue. 😀 And I think this theme is here to stay. WP keeps coming out with too many fun theme options. 😛 Haha!

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