Returning to the Words

Hello, dear readers!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Work and general uncertainty has kept me from hitting OtP up, but I want to work on that.

Ever since childhood, I could be found scanning the shelves of libraries, because words are a sense of comfort for me. Even though I don’t always bring a physical book or a Kindle with me, I still have my phone. If I want something quick, I can check Reddit (a crazy organized-disorganized place chock full of ideas, facts, and personal ramblings of real people) or I can hold my breath and check on some of my favorite comics–and see if they’ve actually updated.

If you think about it, our world is built on alphabets. Without words, we wouldn’t be able to send men and women into space, form treaties with people, pass laws, or tell stories or break news to our respective countries or provinces.

Without these beautiful assemblages of letters, how else would we communicate? How would our thoughts work?

Just the other day, while I was snagging carts in the parking lot, the wind blew them away from me. As I held on, a kind man showed up to help me. “They’re cantankerous today, aren’t they?” he said, and inside I smiled. Apart from helping me with the carts–which was something he really didn’t have to do, but was very nice of him–he used a wonderful word to describe the situation I found myself in. Inside, I smiled because of his use of language. It’s stuck with me, even hours after my shift.

In the video game Skyrim, the main theme uses a made-up language to give the menu a more adventurous feel. It makes you want to take part in this sprawling open world, defeat dragons, and discover new nooks and crannies.

And earlier tonight, while watching La La Land, Mia’s monologue about her aunt’s adventures in Paris helped her get a leg up on her acting career.

I want to create something again, to feel powerful like a Greek goddess. I want to return to my daydreams more often, to become one with my story and seemingly forget all else. While I don’t want to become rich or famous, I want to strike a chord in people–kind of like Walter White’s


speech–of course, I’m the complete opposite of Walt. I would hope that my words and the way I use them inspire others, make them think, and appreciate the alphabet.

After all, I am a writer.


Add your thoughts.

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