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What’s New?

Hello, dear readers!

Life has been really good as of late.

First of all, I got to see my boyfriend Rory the previous weekend. We got to celebrate our one year anniversary, which was really fun. Even though we only spent two days in each other’s company, we defiantly made the most of it by watching movies, eating out, playing video games, and hanging with our mutual friends.

(I’m so glad that I live close to Morris, because this makes the drive there so much shorter.)

The two films Rory and I watched were the original Ghost in the Shell, which proved to be much more philosophical than I was expecting. We also watched one of my favorite animated films–which Rory hadn’t seen before–The Secret of Kells.

The first night I spent in Morris, we ate at Don’s. By the time we finished eating, I was full from a burger, fries, and a thick Oreo shake. The last night I was there, we tried a new Chinese restaurant, which had delicious food.

Lately, work has been much more manageable. For now, I don’t have angry or impatient customers snapping at me. I’m feeling less stressed out during rushes–you know, it’s like the rush hour at restaurants, particularly at fast food places. I’m so fortunate to have such fantastic co-workers. Most importantly, and probably a bit obviously, whenever we’re busy I’m not bored.

I’m preparing to do some job hunting. While this makes me feel apprehensive about the whole process, it’ll help to just create an entirely new resume.

Last but not least, I am trying my best to get back into a writing mode. While I would consider blogging a creative outlet, I’m still missing the regularity with which my imagination produces characters and poems. There’s a wonderful book, that’s probably on the play porch, which is full of writing prompts. This’ll hopefully help spark my creativity, which seems to dull after eight-hour shifts at work.

Happy October, everyone!


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