Hello, dear readers!

I’ve gladly decided to join the bandwagon of people who are participating in the #WeekendCoffeeShare. A few of my friends from college have made these posts, and I’ve been that informed that anyone can write under this hashtag.

So, here goes.

If we were having coffee, I would probably have a pumpkin spice latte. At work, we have this delicious drink for a limited time only. I’ve had it twice so far and am in love. The first time, one of my managers (Shayne), accidentally put whipped cream on top. It tasted even better!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you how excited I am that I don’t work today, a Monday. Because school started for kids K-12, we have fewer people working during the day. So, like most weekends, I worked both Friday and Saturday. I also worked yesterday.

Speaking of not working, I cannot wait for the 25th and 26th to roll around. I asked one of my managers at McDonald’s if I could have those days off, and got my wish. Rory and I have been eager to hang out again. So, on the 25th, I’m going to drive down to Morris so we can spend some quality time together. I’ll probably leave the next morning–or afternoon. We’ll see.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you know that I’m up before noon. Usually, I prefer to sleep in–something my family will attest to–but I am wide awake today. Mom and I finally ordered a new MacBook Pro for me, and it’s coming in the mail *today*. I’ve gone without a computer for almost three months, because my computer was stolen at the store where they were fixing it.

If we were having coffee, you’d find out that I recently downloaded the opening themes from the anime Sword Art Online and Fate/Zero. I also downloaded the score for Princess Mononoke. The opening themes are fun and exciting, while the score is beautiful and haunting.

If we were having coffee, I would inform you that I’ve (once again) changed the theme of my blog. I was getting sick of wanting the print for the Sela theme to be *just a bit bigger*. To remedy this, I went theme browsing. Finally, after finding several themes I didn’t particularly like, I narrowed down my favorites to two. In the end, I picked the Afterlight theme. After some tweaking, which included finding the right background picture and locating my original menu, what you see on my blog is the final product.

I’m happy with the layout, especially the bigger font and the option to have the widgets out of the way. While I didn’t mind the widgets being on the right side of my blog in the Sela theme, it did begin to feel a little cluttered.

In the Afterlight theme, you can find the widgets section by pressing on the three ellipses (or three dots) in the right-hand corner at the top of the blog.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I got to visit on the phone with Rory last night. He had called me while I was at work, and I texted him back letting him know where I was and that I’d call him once my shift was over. A bag of ice, an Oreo McFlurry, and a car-ride home from Mom later, I dialed his number.

We visited about how each other’s day went, YouTube videos I should watch, and how Rory’s homework situation was going. He was studying up on the third floor and took a break to visit with me. He went to the little convenience store that we have on campus and purchased a Peace Tea. (If you haven’t had, or heard of, Peace Tea, you’re missing out. It’s so good!)

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m now driving myself to and from work now. This, as well as my previous trip to Morris, has increased my confidence in driving. I used to be anxious about driving anywhere, even after obtaining my license, but now I’m becoming much more relaxed–but certainly not complacent!–about driving. This has been a huge step forward for me; I’m so proud of my personal accomplishment.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything special or exciting? If not, that’s okay! Low-key weekends are the best. 🙂


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