#8 Things I Love about my Parent’s House 

Hello, dear readers!

In 2001, my family and I moved about four blocks to our new–and much older–house. I kind of remember the moving process: we would haul some stuff to our new house, and then go to sleep in our old house. I was reading Old Yeller at the time, and was ten years old. Abbie, my *little* sister, was three, turning four. We still had Liesel, our female long-haired dachshund.

Fourteen years later, we’re still living in the same house.

As a recent college graduate, it helps that I’m living at my parent’s–at least for the time being.

Inspired by Amelia’s post, I decided to write my own post about what I love about my parent’s house.

  1. I get to sleep in my own spacious bed.

At Morris, the beds that you can loft are more about convenience rather than comfort. While I loved my little bed, I would have to watch out when getting up in the morning–for fear of bumping my head. (And I did, over the years.)

2. All of my books are in one place: my bedroom. 

When you’re at college, you don’t get to pleasure read very much. So, now the opportunity is whenever I please.

3. Free food. 

I don’t have to pay for my meals, like I did at the dining hall. (My dad makes the most buttery steak I’ve ever eaten, and would often feel jealous when they were eating steak while I was at Morris.)

But, to be fair, I really am missing the delicious stir fry that is served at the dining hall. As well as the crab legs they were serving one night–they were amazing! I also miss going to Don’s and having a burger, fries, and a thick shake.

4. I get to see my dogs every day.

It’s nice to see Bogan and Bentley again. They love having me around.

5. I’ll get to be a part of my sister’s life more during her senior year of high school. 

I feel like I’ve been missing out on Abbie’s years in high school. And this year, I’ll get to be a friend and support system for her. (And she’s excited for me to proofread her papers.)

6. Our house is 112 years old. 

The architecture, radiators, and pillars are just awesome. And it’s also much bigger than our previous house.

7. I get to watch the news more.

At Morris, I felt like I was too busy to try to look up current events. Now, because my parent’s watch the news, I’m feeling more informed. In school, I felt like I would sometimes live under a rock because I didn’t know what was going on.

8. Family time!

I love my parents and my sister. I love our dogs. Being around my family is reassuring, especially since I’m anxious about the coming future. Having my support system near me is wonderful.


2 thoughts on “#8 Things I Love about my Parent’s House 

  1. I know, right? She was *super* happy about that. 😀

    I’m glad that I get to be in Abbie’s life more during the year. I always felt like I had to catch up over texting, or talking on the phone/at home while at school.

    And she’s taking my dad’s AP US History class this year, which will be fun–he’s a hard, but really good, teacher. He tells lots of stories about historical figures and events, which helps make history come alive. 🙂

    I’m glad you liked my list, Amelia! You had a great list, too.


  2. Great list, Meghan!! It’s so great that you get to be there for your sister! Family time doesn’t happen often enough in college–I’m glad you’re able to have it now! (And she’s lucky, having a sister with an English degree proofreading your papers.)

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