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Update: OtP has a new Theme!

Hello, dear readers!

After searching the many free themes of WordPress, I finally found a new theme that fit my criteria: I wasn’t happy with the print size using the Sela theme.

While I am still young enough to see what some people might consider “small print,” I caught myself wanting to zoom in on the text on the computer. So, with this in mind, I began casually browsing the many free categories that WP offers. (Thank you, creators, for understanding that not everyone wants or can pay for a blog theme.)

I narrowed it down to a couple favorites. The blog themes I found myself getting attached to had a new attribute, one I hadn’t seen before in my friends blogs, but found myself taking a huge liking to: the widgets were moved to a separate page. This, I realized, allowed the reader of the blog to peruse with ease, without the clutter on the left or right side of the blog.

This intrigued me, so I did some necessary adjusting and what you see before you is the final product.

I did have some trouble with my main menu tabs, though. At first, I thought that my categories and their tags underneath had been deleted. I gathered as many of the categories together, then hit the Save button. Then, to make sure that I had everything as I previously had it, I went through each category.

But something was wrong. I was missing stuff.

Luckily, I checked out the other six menus that I had to choose from. To my delight, I was able to find my original menu that I designed using the Sela theme.

Now, my widgets section is under the three ellipses on the far right.

Welcome to the Afterlight theme for On the Prairie! Already I’m in love with the settings and overall look and feel of the theme.

Enjoy the update,


3 thoughts on “Update: OtP has a new Theme!

  1. Thanks, Adi!

    Okay! I’ll try to make it a little darker. Is it bright on the background? I thought I “dimmed” the pictutre–there’s an option to do that.

    When I read posts, etc., it looks fine. I’ll check that out! I’m glad you like the new theme. 🙂


  2. Ooh! I like this new format! Very nice! The only thing is that the background can be a little distracting while trying to read the text.. maybe try dimming the picture a little on a picture editor – so you can essentially use the same pic, but make it a little transparent! That would make reading easier.

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