Ah, so *this* is how you Adult! 

Hello, dear readers!

Three days ago, I successfully drove myself to and from my recent alma mater, the University of Minnesota Morris. While this may not initially  seem like a big deal, it’s important to me. See, this is the first time I’ve driven a somewhat lengthy distance–at least in my mind–by myself. 🙂

I (finally!) got my license last summer, but still didn’t do any major driving. And because Morris is a place where you can walk to your destination on campus within five minutes, there was really no need for me to bring a vehicle. I also live relatively close to the college; when I needed a ride to or from Morris as a student, I was able to get one from my mom, dad, or sister.

Now that I’m done with school, I’m able to practice my driving more. And, boy, do I need the practice.

There was an hour-long session on resume writing that I wanted to attend. But first, I needed to get gas. This took a small chunk of time, considering I was taking my mom’s car and couldn’t remember how to open the latch on the fuel tank. But thankfully, mom was in standby mode, and I successfully filled up the tank.

I had another, more personal, reason why I wanted to drive to Morris: I wanted to see my boyfriend, Rory. We’d been apart since June–the last time we hung out before his summer class started.

Last September, I decided to start dating Rory after hanging out with him for a while. Over the months that followed, we became very close. We hung out as much as we could, not because we were clingy, but because we enjoyed–and still do–each other’s company and companionship.

My drive to Morris was successful, with lots of eager people me passing as I diligently drove this speed limit. When I arrived at Morris, Rory met up with me so that we could both go to the resume session. The hour was a little overwhelming and full of helpful handouts. We left to drop off our individual stacks of information–no, really, we each had ten plus pages of paper on us–in his new dorm.

Because neither of us had eaten, we went to the TMC, which is a cafeteria setting–but with better food than a pre-college experience. We laughed, visited, and watched Kiki’s Delivery Service with Andrew, Rory’s new roommate. I didn’t want to leave that night, but I had to because I worked the next day, and my dad needed to drive mom to any early doctor’s appointment.

Rory didn’t want me to leave, either.

It’s funny, because I’ve recently experienced longing. While I try not to obsess over my current relationship, I still catch myself suddenly blabbing about Rory. I mean, yes, we have our individual lives–he with school at Morris, and me with work (and soon job hunting)–but we do like hanging out. I miss him and he misses me. He’s a very good boyfriend for me in terms of patience, his capacity to love and doing romantic things–like participate in Valentine’s Day, which I like because of the niceness of the holiday in and of itself. In short, I don’t mind romance. I’m for it and not against it.

Driving to Morris allowed me a fresh outlook on the concept of freedom, as well as trust. Even though I was taking the back routes, I was aware of the gravity of the situation. I had to drive carefully, and I could call Mom if I had any questions.

As I rolled closer to Morris, I smiled. I was going to see Rory. Even though we’d talked on the phone and texted, it wasn’t the same as being in his company.

Mom was trusting me to drive safely, as well as be back home around midnight. I drove safely, and I got home long before one a.m.

When I came in the door, Mom, Dad, and Abbie were waiting for me. They cheered, congratulating me on my latest accomplishment in my adult life.


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