Family Vacations, a Stolen Laptop, a new Haircut: Oh My!

Hi, dear readers!

It’s been at least a month since I last posted. I think I just got swamped with work and life–and if I’m honest, laziness–which caused me to not go on WP as often.

Clearly, a lot’s happened to me since July.

First, I went on vacation with my family in late July. Almost every year, we go to Colorado. From where we stay, we can see Mount Sopris. My dad, sister, and I hiked to Josephine Lake. We also biked the Glenwood Canyon. (I was nervous to bike the Canyon again; the first time I did it I was ten. Because the trail is over ten miles long, I had a panic attack towards the end. I remember throwing down my bike and running toward my dad. This time, the ride went much more smoothly.) In any case, the altitude still kicked our butts while we were hiking and biking. Still, I love the adventure and scenery in the mountains.

Image 7
Mt. Sopris, as taken by my mom from where we stay in Colorado.

Second, my computer was stolen. In June, my boyfriend Rory came over to hang out for a few days. We were going to watch something on YouTube, and his hand knocked over the Dr Pepper he had on the kitchen table–which happened to be close to my Macbook. We soaked up the liquid, popped off the keys, and cleaned underneath the keyboard. We even tipped my laptop upside down in the hopes that the pop residue would find its way out of the keyboard. I tried typing something, and only a few keys were working properly. In the end, we sent my laptop to a place nearby that fixes Apple products. While we were heading back home, we found out that business was robbed. Everything in the store, including my laptop, was stolen. Thankfully, I have my backup system on me.

Update 9/8/15: I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna get a new computer in the coming weeks/months. The insurance companies–ours and the Mac business’s–are taking a loooong time deciding on when I’ll get my compensation money. And I’m thinking of starting some job hunting. So, I’ll need a computer. For both personal and (probably) work-related purposes.

Third, my mom had knee surgery in the middle of August. For a while, her right knee has been hurting her. I’m glad that she’s since recovered from surgery and is doing well with her exercises.

Fourth, I finally got the short haircut that I’ve wanted for a while now. It’s super cute, and it feels great. I love it, and I probably won’t have long hair again–at least for now.

My short haircut! I love it so much.
Have a great day, everyone,


2 thoughts on “Family Vacations, a Stolen Laptop, a new Haircut: Oh My!

  1. Thank you, Adi! My mom is taking it easy. It is only her fourth week after her knee replacement, after all. This is her first major surgery–aside from having Abbie and I–and she’s doing really well. 😊 She keeps doing her exercises and rests when she needs to.

    I’m glad you like my new haircut! I haven’t had short hair since I was really little, and I love the way it frames my face. It’s *much* easier to take care of, too: I can just wash it, put Moose in it, and blow-dry it, just like I used to with long hair. So, it’s a perfect fit for me!

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