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The Dancing Queen

Hello, dear readers! 

Today, I get to see my sister preform. 

For many years, Abbie has been in dance. She was in Dancing Off Broadway, and a several years ago, she made the high school dance team as a middle schooler. She’s utilized her talent in junior productions like The Little Mermaid, Throughly Modern Millie, and Mary Poppins. 

Abbie loves to dance. Because of her experiences at dance camp, DOB, and competitions, she knows how to dance. 

I’m proud of my sister. Her bubbly  personality, her humor, and her adventurous spirit helps her make friends and navigate her way through life. 

I always enjoy watching my sister dance. The way she understands music, and how to move to music, fascinates me. 

We’re almost to the middle school, so I’ll have to cut this post short for now. 

Wishing you a fantastic preformance, Abbie, 


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