Remember your P’s and Q’s: Or, a Work Story

Hello, dear readers!

This week marks my return to work. For the past three summers, I’ve worked part-time at McDonald’s.

Over the years, I’ve come to respect my diligent co-workers. I honestly enjoy my time there at the store as an employee. I’m not saying this to obtain brownie points.

I picked the North McDonald’s due to the friendly atmosphere. Everyone, from the managers to the other employees, are kind and very helpful. I enjoy visiting with my co-workers, as well as trading jokes.

My main job at work is cleaning the lobby, as well as our play-place. This is where I chalk up most of my work hours. Because I’m a hard worker, I’ve received many compliments from customers on my work ethic. While I’ve had some lovely customers, there are some mishaps that I think everyone should consider when eating at a fast food restaurant.

A P’s & Q’s List 

1. Be courteous. While I’ve rarely had a customer complain to me about, say, an order, I’ve heard upset co-workers mention how, for example, a customer swore at them in the drive-through.

2. Be patient. I know you’re hungry or thirsty, or maybe both. But waiting an extra ten seconds, or even five to seven minutes won’t hurt you.

3. Bus your table, please. Once, a family with a baby left their trays behind, complete with food. I didn’t mind cleaning it up, but I was a little shocked that someone would just leave their trays at their table. It’s not too hard to throw away the remaining wrappers and bags, or the tray liner, for that matter. For those of you who always bus your tables, congrats!

4. Be polite. This also works in tandem with being courteous. I like it when customers are polite, as well as smiley. It makes me feel validated as a worker, and makes me appreciate the customers all the more.

5. If you have kids, make sure they wear socks. This, of course, is referring to the play-place. Wearing socks in the play-place area is just part of the health code, I think. And it makes going down the slide even better! If you don’t have socks, they are only a buck at the counter.


2 thoughts on “Remember your P’s and Q’s: Or, a Work Story

  1. I never considered the cultural differences! Silly me. In this context, it’s considered rude–in America–to not bus your table at places like a fast food restaurant. Of course, this varies. At fancy restaurants, waiters and waitresses will take away your plates. For this blog post, the first one applies. 🙂
    Still, I’m getting paid to clear and clean tables. 😀 I don’t mind anyway.


  2. Good list, but honestly, it doesn’t surprise me that the family didn’t put their trays and trash away. In other parts of the world – e.g. India and most places in the Middle East, there are workers who do that for you (and get paid for it) so you really aren’t expected to..

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