Four Things I’m Thankful For on July 4th 

Hello, dear readers! 

I know it’s been a while since I last posted, but today is an important day in the United States history, which definitely deserves recognition. 

While I didn’t study history in college, I was still surrounded by historical facts, figures, and places–with my own alma mater, Morris, being one of them. I came to realize that history is all around me, no matter my personal interests. 

Today is the celebration of America’s independence from Britain. 

Without documents like the Declaration, I may not have the rights that I currently possess as an American citizen. 
Today, I want to remind myself of my nation’s history and the sacrifices that took place in order to establish, as well as keep, my freedom. 

So, without further ado, here’s my list of things I am thankful for: 

1. My rights, as per the Declaration. Without these rights, I would not be able to have a voice, which is important to me as a writer and a voter. 

2. My family. Both my mom and dad are teachers. (Even though my mom is retired, she still possesses the creativity and patience of a kindergarten teacher.) She also counsels me on life advice, whether it’s makeup or future job ideas. My dad, who continues to teach high school U.S. history, imparts his knowledge to his students and his daughters alike. My sister, Abbie, is a positive force in my life. She cheers me up and makes me laugh. Her adventurous spirit, her artistic talents with paint, and her love surrounds me on a daily basis. 

3. Fireworks. I love watching these streamers of exploding color fill the night sky. They crackle, bang, and whisper against my eardrums. 

4. The parade. At my grandparents house, my family and I attend the parade that features fire trucks, candy, horses, and a multitude of neat floats. 

Wishing my fellow Americans a happy and safe celebration, 


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