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I’ll Miss You, YA Summer Course!

Hello, dear readers!

I posted my final paper in my summer YA literature course last night. It was a bittersweet ending; I was happy to be done and aware that this was the last paper I would ever write for my YA literature course.

Over the past five weeks, I’ve read a variety of books: historical fiction, mystery, realistic fiction, a memoir, an African American novel, science fiction, fantasy, a Native American novel, a graphic novel, poetry, a censored book, and a “book bundle” with the theme of romance/love/relationships.

Now, my summer course is finished. Of course, I plan to finish reading the novels that I wasn’t quite able to complete at such a rapid pace–thank goodness for audiobooks!–and post my reviews of each book once I’m done.

I’ll admit, I’m a slow reader. For this class, I was delighted to take up the challenge of first picking which books I wanted to read (as you college kids know, this is a luxury that you never get to do; you can only hope that the class you’ve selected for the fall or spring has good reading material), and continue the challenge of reading 14 books in just five weeks.

Despite the rigor of this course, I loved it. I got to pick one book from each category, read some fantastic books for young adults–some of which I’d had on my shelf for ages. I laughed, fell in love, and cried. Young adult literature is one of my favorite genres, because it deals with serious themes while not being as pretentious as some of the books I’ve read aimed at adults.

I like the hope that the genre of YA lit carries, because no matter how bleak the situation, friends and/or family will be there to help you stand again. Yes, YA can have supposedly inappropriate material, but I believe that the more realistic, the more honest and hopeful a YA novel can be, the better. We don’t give teenagers enough credit when it comes to reading and understanding mature themes or ideas.

I’m glad that I was able to be reminded that YA literature is fun, creative, and hopeful.

Whoever put up this sign is a genius.


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