evening tunes

Evening Tunes

Hello, dear readers!

Tonight I thought I’d do a small list of some of my favorite music. Unlike the category wake up music, this selection is comprised of songs that you can listen to at night. (That said, you can listen to music whenever you want.)


I heard this song while watching Boyhood and have quickly fallen in love. A soothing song, this can also work when you just want to relax.


If you like anime, and have seen Modoka Magica, this is the main theme.


I actually really like Taylor’s new album. This just happens to be one of my personal favorites.


Who doesn’t love Into the Woods? I was blown away by the screen adaptation of the musical. This song is hilarious.


If you haven’t heard of the Decemberists, here’s a sample song. They are creative, clever, and amazing.


One of my favorite Blue October songs. The imagery is top-notch.



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