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Hello, dear readers!

Just last night, I finally watched Boyhood with my mom and sister. I was super excited, since I’d wanted to watch this iconic film for months. So, after grabbing my knitting, and setting my our TV, I sat down with great anticipation.

Boyhood tells the story of Mason, his older sister Samantha, and his mother. Mason grows from a six-year-old boy into a young man starting his freshman year of college. The really cool part about this film is the process: filming began in 2002, and ended in 2013.

This indie film has a flawless script–one that feels like you’re really there. We move seamlessly from youth to adolescence, and into early adulthood. We reminisce about Harry Potter book premieres, nostalgic music from the ’90s and early 2000s, and experience Mason’s life growing up in an intimate way.

There are no specific markers of time, but rather pop culture references and a change in physical appearance, hairstyles, and maturity that tipped me off.

Mason comes into his own, as does his sister. They experience, over the years, trauma in their family due to their mother’s abusive second–and in my mind, third–husbands. Mason and Sam struggle to connect with their biological father, who does his best to make an effort to remain in his kids lives. Their mother gets her degree, and ends up teaching psychology at a college. Mason, Sam, and their mom move at least two or three times during the duration of the film–the first time to leave the house they were renting, the second time to escape their mother’s alcoholic and abusive second husband. The last time, it is their mother who is moving, knowing that her kids can steadily be pushed out of the nest, now that they are, as she puts it, “adults.”

While I don’t want to spoil the film any further, I will say this: Overall, Boyhood is an honest, funny, and touching look at how you change and come into your own over the years.

I highly recommend this film!


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