I love this album right now. Imogen's amazing!
I love this album right now. Imogen’s amazing!

Hello, dear readers!

I have a confession to make: I get obsessed with music. Due to this musical obsession, I’ll listen to an album repeatedly, sometimes several times throughout the day. The more poetry in the lyrics, the better.

My current musical obsession is with Imogen Heap’s newest album, Sparks. I’ve always loved her music. “Hide and Seek” was my first insight into Imogen Heap’s music, all the way back in my eleventh grade creative writing classroom.

Prepare for gushing!

Imogen Heap just keeps getting better with age and time. Instead of hitting rock bottom after a big break, she continually raises the bar for her next musical projects. Her songs are experimental, her lyrics poetic and honest. Overall, she’s pretty perfect with her music. As someone who loves language, her imagery, personification, anthropomorphism, and personal experiences enrich Sparks.

Usually, I don’t listen to track by track commentaries, but Immi’s commentary on Sparks was fascinating. Listening to her recount her creative process made me realize how dedicated, generous, and imaginative she is as an artist. She’s sacrificed time and sleep to make this album the phenomenal outcome it is. She’s written songs for documentaries and collaborated with other musical celebrities–like B.O.B. She even wrote a song for Breaking Dawn, Part 1, but that didn’t make the cut. (Personally, I’m glad, because “Entanglement” doesn’t describe Bella and Edward’s relationship–which is abusive–but a healthy relationship.) For “Xizi She Knows” (pronounced “She-zu”), Imogen drove through a section of China to capture the everyday lives of the people in that country.

Overall, her project took three years to complete.

Her concept was to use bits and pieces of sounds that we hear in our everyday lives. She went on Soundcloud, asking her fans to send her what she calls sound seeds (sound bites).

I could go on, but I urge you to check out the track by track commentary. It’s really cool and interesting. I listened to it on Spotify, but I’m pretty sure you can find it on YouTube.

Here’s four of my favorite songs, courtesy of YouTube.

Entanglement (the song originally for Breaking Dawn

The Listening Chair (a song about Imogen’s life, look in the YouTube description for better details)

Neglected Spaces (anthropomorphizing an abandoned space)

Me the Machine (technology + music = awesome) 

I can’t wait to see what Immi does next.

Highly recommend Sparks.


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