How Dogs are Our Role Models

Hello, dear readers!

When I woke up today, I had an epiphany: Dogs are good examples of how we humans should be acting, every single day. Not that you or I aren’t good people, but that every once in a while we forget each other and focus on ourselves. In fact, my generation has been getting a lot of flack for our constant use of technology. Some of us are called rude, or lazy, or self-centered.

What does being part of Generation Y have to do with dogs?

Dogs are selfless. My golden retriever, Bentley, greeted me today with a fierce wagging of her amber tail. She put her paw on my leg. At the mere sight of me, she was pleased to see me, so much so that I had to take her into my mom’s office to grab a toy.

Dogs love being outside. When I take Bogan, my longhaired Dachshund outside, he immediately puts his black little nose to the ground. Bentley, even after she’s done her business, prefers to remain outside, sometimes for over an hour. Even with my coaxing, she continued to seek out new smells in the grass, not caring that she was getting rain in her golden coat.

Dogs love exercise. Just mentioning the words walk or opening up the basement stairs where we keep the leashes makes Bogan and Bentley excited. My dogs love it when Abbie and I take them for walks, even if it’s multiple times around the block.

Dogs enjoy meeting other dogs. When we got Bentley, my family and I were unsure of how Bogan would respond to another dog in the house. This was his response, after Bentley was let out of her kennel:

March 110
Left to right: puppy-sized Bentley & Bogan.

Dogs are social. No matter who happens to come through our front door, Bogan and Bentley will rush to greet them. My friends, mom, dad, sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins have all received joyous wags of approval from Boggie (Bogan’s nickname) and B (my nickname for Bentley). They love having company over, and love it even more when “the pack” is all together. Without people, without companionship, my dogs would feel lonely, or antsy.

Bogan and Bentley live in the moment, something I forget to do. I easily get caught up in social media, or my own selfish desires. I want to be more dog-like, so that I can be more present and helpful in my daily life. I want to grab life by the tail and not let go.

Friends for life. (Bogan's 10 and Bentley's 5.)
Friends for life.


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