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B & W picture someone took from a Blue concert.
B & W picture someone took from a Blue concert.

Hello, dear readers!

Today, as per my schedule, I’m writing about Blue October. This also works for my Life category for yesterday. (Because I’m at a track meet, I’m doing this on my phone. I apologize for any weirdness that autocorrect comes up with in advance.)

Blue October, in short, writes rock and alternative music. Recently, the band came out with a positive album named Sway. 

One of their singles off of the album is “Fear.” Why is this on an album devoted to new beginnings, family, and sobriety?

Because Justin Furstenfeld, the band’s lyricist and lead singer, understands what it means to be afraid. He has overcome a great deal of personal hardships in his life. He also understands that you can’t let your fears weigh you down. This is the message of “Fear.”

As a recent college graduate, I need this song. While I have a plan in mind, I honestly don’t know what my future will bring: Will I work in the Cities? Will I get my very own puppy? How long will it take me to pay off my loans?

I cannot let myself give into my new fears about my future. I need to “get back up” and not let myself “fall down.”

I want to say, one day soon, that I too, “used to fall, but now I get back up.”

Note: All quoted lyrics belong to Justin and Blue October. They are from the song “Fear” off of the album Sway.


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