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Sisterhood of the World Award!

Hello, dear readers!

I’ve been nominated for the Sisterhood of the World bloggers award by the lovely Adi, the Happy Lifeaholic. Go here to see Adi’s response to winning the Sisterhood award.


1. Thank your kind nominator.

2. Proudly display the award’s image in your post and on your blog.

3. Answer the ten questions sent to you.

4. Nominate five lovely blogs for this award. Remember to let them know by linking each of the nominated blogs to your post.

5. Ask your nominees ten questions, too!

Thank You

Adi, I am still in giddy shock over the fact that you nominated me for what is now my third blogging award! (I feel like the WordPress awards help further establish the kindness, and generosity, that the WP community creates.) You’re an amazing blogger, and a good friend. I’m so glad I got to know you more this year. Thank you so much for this award!


Done. (See my awards widget section for the picture of the Sisterhood award.)

Answers to Adi’s Questions 

1. You have one paragraph to describe your feelings about coffee. Go!

Coffee is delicious. While I’m still not a big coffee drinker, I started drinking coffee this school-year in order to stay awake. Although, I would drink it for fun in the past. Drinking coffee can do one of two things for me: 1) make me feel focused on what I actually need to be working on or 2) wide-awake and distracted. I prefer to order mochas, because regular coffee isn’t as good to my taste buds. And sometimes, if it’s late and I drink coffee, I’ll end up going to bed later than I should. (There was a study once that found that people who drink coffee feel the effects 10 to 12 hours afterwards. Drink responsibly can be applied to coffee consumption, too!)

2. Do you prefer using Macs or PCs? Why?

This is an easy one. I prefer to use a Mac. While I understand the arguments made about Macs being a money sink, and not very good performance wise, a Mac works for me. I love my MacBook Pro. It’s much better than my previous computer. I will say this, though, I’m not a programmer. I don’t write code. I find people who are legitimately tech-savvy amazing. We need people who want to write code, or design a computer that will be more energy efficient. For me, a Mac works because it’s easy for me to use.

If you were posing this question to my boyfriend, though, he’d argue that PC’s are better. *laughs*

3. If you could cast yourself as the protagonist of a story/novel of your choice, who would the character be and what would the story be?

Oh, wow, this is tricky. I’d want to be Vin from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy. She’s strong, street-smart, imperfect, and is a Mistborn. Vin overcomes her past of abuse and life on the streets, and is able to harness her abilities of burning bits of metal in her stomach with Kelsier’s help. If you love fantasy, you need to read this. Don’t let the slow beginning, tiny print, or page number scare/stop you. This is one of my favorite books.

Or, I’d love to be Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. She’s smart, capable, and independent. ‘Nuff said.

Or Korra from The Legend of Korra. (Yes, this is a TV show, but Korra’s awesome.)

4. If you could have one of these 3 superpowers, which would you pick, and why? i) Mind reading ii) Water bending/manipulation iii) The ability to become invisible

How cruel: only one? Mind reading, while cool, could easily bite me in the butt. While I’d love to test playing hide and go seek with the ability to become invisible, it would make the game less fun. After seeing Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, I would love to be able to water-bend. To be able to bend any of the elements would be so cool.

5. What, in your opinion, is the worst movie you’ve ever seen?

Birdemic. It was only an hour and 30 minutes, but it was so slow and so poorly put together that I kept checking to see how much time was left. This clapping scene shows just how awful this movie is:  

The acting is terrible. The birds don’t make the cut. But, it was hilarious to see someone put together something they truly believed was good.

6. What color would you absolutely refuse to paint the walls of your house?

Pink. (No offense to my sister, Abbie!) My favorite color is blue. The walls of my room are beige, with green carpet and blinds. I’m used to it, and prefer this to any shade of pink. It’s a very girly color, which doesn’t fit my personality at all. I’m a tomboy and nerd at heart.

7. What are 2 of your pet peeves?

Nose picking or scratching. I’ve seen people do this, and it bothers me. My second pet peeve is when people will tap or rattle stuff. Depending on my mood, this will either annoy me or it won’t.

8. If you could go back in time and change one thing from the past year, what would it be?

I wish my family and I could’ve figured out the problem with one of my medications, which was making me sleepy, earlier in the year. Like, February or January would’ve been nice.

9. Sadistic question time: If there’s a cat about to get run over to your left, and a dog about to get run over to your right, and you can only save one animal, which would you pick? [I know, I’m awful. Sorry!]

I’d save the dog. I’m a dog lover, so this is a no-brainer. But, if I had time, I’d zip about and rescue both animals.

10. Assuming you have a best/close friend, tell us how you met that person! 🙂

One of my best friends from college is Alex. We met in my freshman IC course, A History of You(th). He sat up front, while I sat in the back with my girl friend Jamie. I would’ve sat up in the front, too, but I wanted to sit by her. We introduced ourselves to each other one day and started talking outside of Gay Hall (one of the dorms on campus). We hung out as often as we could from then on. We’ve been close friends now for five years. He’s smart, funny, and a sweetheart. I’m so fortunate to have met Alex and to have remained his friend all these years.


1. Rohan

2.  Erin

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