I love you high as the sky & deep as the ocean

Hello, dear readers!

Today was Mother’s Day.

I’ve always loved my mom, even when she assigns me chores around the house. When I went away to college, I remained in contact with her through texting–or more effectively–calling her. I have read emails and bits of my papers to her, to see if what I’ve written sounds okay.

My mom taught kindergarten, like her mother, for 30 odd years. Her ability to spark conversation with children and adults alike amazes me. She took my busyness as a little girl in stride, giving me time to play after a structured day of school. My mom read to me. She has scolded me for not getting out of bed.

Grandma Lucy raised my mom. She established a nursery school down in her basement. She used to read while driving a tractor. Faith was important to her, which she imparted to my mom. Even after her stroke, which happened when I was six, my mom made sure that Grandma Lucy remained an active part of her granddaughter’s lives. My sister and I have fond memories of coloring, playing, and watching Animal Planet in her room.

My grandmother imparted her wise words to my mom. She helped mold my mom into the compassionate, personable, and loving individual that she is today. Grandma Lucy also read to me, helping establish my love for words at an early age.

I am grateful to my grandmother and my mom, for both of these remarkable women not only knew how to be parents, but also how to be friends with me. While my mom and I have different tastes in TV shows and music, we share common interests in films and books.

I was fortunate to know Grandma Lucy for as long as I did. She had an immense impact on my life growing up. Her presence was filled with love and care, despite her stroke. She would squeeze my hand–her way of telling me she loved me. Losing her was hard for me, but my family and I were comforted by the understanding that she was ready to go after spending almost ten years in a nursing home.

My mom is a wonderful person. She cares deeply about me, and wants me to succeed in life and to be happy. Her devotion to her family and her friends is inspiring, her generosity is a model for me, and her love is an example of how to treat others–especially my dad, sister and me.

I love you, Mom, as high as the sky and deep as the ocean.

Happy Mother’s Day,


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