Music from Films: Big Hero 6’s “Immortal”

Hello, dear readers!

Some of the best music I’ve discovered comes from films.

I’m sure you’ve had a similar experience. You’re watching Big Hero 6, for example, and you find yourself digging Fall Out Boy’s featured song. You find yourself enjoying the music so much that you end up purchasing it on iTunes. Okay, you got me. This is exactly what I ended up doing.

Personally, I love Fall Out Boy. They know how to make catchy tunes, and write lyrics that are tailored to a particular emotion or experience. Their music is no longer angsty—which as a teenager I appreciated, but am not as drawn to as an adult—but full of fun, clever, and less self-centered songs. Fall Out Boy has grown up, exhuming a level of maturity that the band lacked in their youth.

Big Hero 6 is also about growing up. While Hiro doesn’t transition from a teenager to an adult, unlike some superhero movies, the film does a fantastic job of showing that you can mentally reach a more mature state of mind.

Hiro starts to move in the right direction when he decides that he and his college-aged friends should “upgrade” themselves. During this time, while everyone is transitioning from their normal selves into their superhero selves, Fall Out Boy’s “Immortals” is playing.

“Immortals”, to me, embodies Hiro’s mental transformation into a more mature mindset. Yes, he’s still propelled by his idea that stopping the man in the mask will improve his mood, but Hiro is moving in the direction that he ultimately takes at the end of the film: By becoming a superhero, Hiro and his friends can help people.

The sequence, along with the music, makes the transformation even cooler. Drawing from each of the main character’s strengths, like Wasabi’s understanding of lasers, they are able to use their everyday powers of science and technology to further contribute to society when they are superheroes.

This is a fascinating concept.

Of course, now that I think about it, there are plenty of other superheroes who do the very same thing. Iron Man, for example, uses his intelligence to build his suit in a cave. (I’ve only seen the films; I haven’t read the comics.)

I’m excited to see if Disney makes a sequel. I really, really want a sequel. I want to see more of these interesting and fresh characters.


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