It’s my Birthday! [Pt. 1]

Hello, dear readers!

Today is my 24th birthday!

Last night, I celebrated with my family. We had a steak, potato, and salad dinner before opening presents.

I got a Doctor Who micro-figure set with all eleven Doctor’s in it, as well as a Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia book. I even got Doctor Who themed mad libs!

We ate (my favorite) ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Then, my mom, sister, and I all watched Big Hero 6, which is a delightful movie. (I’ll go into more depth about it in a separate film review.)

I’ve got one more birthday surprise tomorrow before heading back to school.

All in all, it has been a wonderful day.


5 thoughts on “It’s my Birthday! [Pt. 1]

  1. Big Hero 6 was original, with nice details and a strong group of characters. Hero made science, nerds, and the robotics club seem cool. (These things are already cool, some people just don’t seem to notice.) As a nerd, I appreciate seeing other nerds represented and treated with levels of fellow coolness. (Now I’m wishing I also knew science so I could join Hiro’s team.)


    Also, Big Hero 6 is my new favorite movie! I've watched it 3 times already and it doesn't get old 🙂

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