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Severus Snape

Hello, dear readers!

Because I have a ton of reading to do tonight, I’m going to leave you with this awesome chronological video of Severus Snape’s life.

And yes, I love both the books and the movies. I am a Potterhead.



4 thoughts on “Severus Snape

  1. This video is amazing! Great compilation! Embarrassed to admit it almost made me cry! Although sometimes I think I hate Snape because he is so cruel to Harry, he is a very complex character…

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  2. I love of how powerful the video is. It does a good job of showing the varied characteristics of Snape, even if he wasn’t always nice to Harry. 🙂

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  3. Oh geez…I’m supposed to be reading for Vicki’s class tomorrow instead I’m bawling my eyes out at this video!

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