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The Power of Preparedness: An Interviewing Skills Workshop Story


Good morning, dear readers!

Last night, I attended an hour-long lecture for seniors. Unlike last semester, when I deliberately forgot or didn’t really care, I signed myself up early this time. Determined to gain some real-life tips and tricks, I took a notebook, my backpack, and my water bottle.

On my way to the science building on campus, I listened to some Dessa. Her raps are confident and just awesome; I wanted to relax on the way to my destination.

When I arrived, I grabbed the necessary literature, opened my notebook, and pulled out one of my favorite pens.

For the first twenty-five minutes of the lecture, we watched a video. While I knew how to dress for an interview, I didn’t mind the mental refresher. For everything that I felt like I had already previously learned or heard, there was new information. (Like Following companies on Twitter.)

While I won’t bore you guys with the nitty-gritty of the lecture, I can tell you this: If you’re a senior in college, attend the extra workshops or programs that are offered on campus. I’ve only attended one of these workshops, and already I feel good about the experience.

One interesting tip I learned was that, regardless of whether your potential future employer is a man or a woman, you use a firm handshake. I’d heard otherwise when regarding shaking another woman’s hand.

Have a great day,


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