My Fandoms

Good morning, everyone!

I’ve mentioned in my bio that I’m a nerd, but I haven’t really blabbed much about it. I keep thinking of blog topics, but I realized that I didn’t give you guys a list of the fandoms that I belong to.

1. Doctor Who (Whovian)

2. Sherlock [BBC contemporary version] (Sherlockian–but not a fan of Moffat’s sexist writing.)

3. American Horror Story (AHS)

4. Breaking Bad [the show does raise some interesting themes/topics]

5. Harry Potter (Potterhead)

6. Supernatural (SuperWhoLock should be a thing, even if it’s only an hour-long episode. Just this once?!)

7. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (one of my favorite childhood TV shows)

8. Attack on Titan (incredible anime)

Have a great day,


3 thoughts on “My Fandoms

  1. I merely hated the final season… I find it’s trying to cover too many bases and pleasing too many people. It was super PC and it was really lacklustre compared to earlier seasons. That’s just my opinion, it holds very little standing 🙂


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