Blog Addiction

Good morning, everyone!

I’m pretty sure I’ve developed an addiction to blogging. Over the past few days, I’ve checked and re-checked my blog stats, and the people I’m following. I’ve created at least four new drafts of topics or ideas I want to cover.

I thought it would be a good idea to try blogging last spring. In my creative writing class, several people admitted that they were bloggers. In my notes for that day, I wrote down a reminder to test out a book blog. That was one of my creative projects this past summer.

Flash forward to the present. I’ve got 12 fantastic people following me, some of them my personal friends. I’ve got reminders on my phone and laptop so I don’t forget to blog. How could I possibly forget to write or post?!

Yes, I truly believe that WordPress is incredible. You are all amazing with your support, your comments, your creativity, and your bravery for posting about subjects close to your hearts.

For that, I applaud you. You deserve it!

Thank you so much to everyone who has decided to follow Jump Rope. It means a lot to me.


5 thoughts on “Blog Addiction

  1. ahaha wow okay that is a wee bit obsessed 😉 but hey, at least it’s WordPress and not drugs or something bad like that :p

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  2. Thank you, Adi! Lately, I’ve been getting obsessed with WP. I just love the community and atmosphere here. I mean, I have a social life, but I also have a computer and a phone with the WP app on it. 😀

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  3. Man I wish I were as dedicated as you are! I have all these good intentions to blog regularly which go flying out of the nearest window at the slightest hint of a social life :p

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