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A (Surprise) Letter to my Boyfriend

Dear Rory,

You are like the Wings of Freedom to me. You keep me sane and happy. When my inner Titans attack, you are like Levi and rip them to shreds. I love you more than I love eating potatoes. We’d be an awesome team, you and me, shooting through the sky, landing atop the roofs, killing the monsters and saving our home.

You are my Charmander, and  I am your Marrep.

If the Doctor ever shows up in my dorm room, I’d bring you along. Because I can’t bear the thought of traveling through all of time and space without you by my side. I mean, it’d be one of the most amazing things ever, going to space in the TARDIS. Who can pass that up?

If we were Hunters, we’d team up with Sam and Dean to kick some ass. We’d use are combined powers and gank every demon, vampire, witch, and what-have-you in the surrounding area before falling asleep in the Impala.

If we ever met the Avatar, we’d go to a pro-bending match and watch Korra score a ton of points with Mako and Bolin. We’d fight to keep the peace between benders (and yes, we’d be able to bend whatever element of our choosing) and non-benders alike.

You fill me with light whenever I am dark. You love me, and that is enough to sustain me when I am alone.

Thank you for being my friend and so much more.



Written: February 7, 2015

Will be presented: on Valentine’s Day 2015.

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