Doomtree’s All Hands

Hello, fellow rap nerds!


When I previewed the other songs in Doomtree’s set list for their latest studio album All Hands, disappointment swelled in my chest like an inflated balloon.

I’d never felt that when listening to Doomtree, one of my all-time favorite indie rap groups. Never. Ever.

Naturally, I began to worry. The Doom crew sounded, well, different. They were using more hooks, a different musical formula. There were rhymes that may or may not be predictable. Repetition was more common in some of these tracks than in previous DTR albums.

But, I’ve since pulled back. I wasn’t in the right head space when I previewed the album. I was tired, and therefore not entirely myself.

Now, though, I am in complete awe. Doomtree has done the impossible: they’ve managed to create something that is just as nerdy and imaginative as their previous albums. No Kings knocked the ball out of the park, but All Hands sets sail for the Moon.

Everyone pulls their own weight, as well as their own punches. If this rap crew was in the boxing ring, they’d be calling all of the shots, and throwing fantastic poetic punches that would crack like the rigging in high winds on the sea.

The beats in All Hands is unique, somehow. I feel like there’s a new electronic feel, although I’m sure that they used electronic/techno (I’m not an expert, so feel free to correct me) beats. And yet, DTR made sure that their background beats were solid. The music is memorable, but also falls in step behind the crew, not overpowering or crowding the songs.

Honorable Mentions 

Dessa: I love her. She’s an inspiration to me in general, but I admire her endless creativity, wordplay, alliteration and her overall fierceness. As a writer and a poet, I am in awe of her skills. She’s one sharp cookie.

Mike: He can speed rap like no one’s business. His rhymes are clever, tight, and deep.

Sims: He strings a story with his words.

Overall, every single one of this crew is amazing. Hands down.

Six incredible, diverse emcees, four of them producers, and one DJ. This is Doomtree–DTR–a collective of amazing people. These seven individuals altered my negative views towards the rap scene in Fall of 2011 with “Drumsticks.”

Track Favorites 

In no particular order, here’s my favorite songs:

Gray Duck

Heavy Rescue

Final Boss

80 on 80

Cabin Killer

The Bends


YouTube Videos 

Note: explicit language.

Lyrics are in the comments section: 

Seriously, I could probably write down the entire album as my favorite. It’s that solid. The more I listen, the more I hear, and every time I read their lyrics, I keep making more connections; the more my mind is blown to bits by their cannon fire.

Wings & Teeth,


2 thoughts on “Doomtree’s All Hands

  1. Glad I’m not alone!
    I had a pretty similar reaction listening to the first couple of singles, and even the first playthrough I was like “WHa eehh…?”.

    But, now, I’m really digging it. There’s a bunch of pieces that impress me, and it’s really coherent as a whole.

    – Alex

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