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Al’s givin’ me that Weird Vibe; Kenny’s playin’ a Smooth G

Hello, readers!

Less than a year ago, I finally discovered Weird Al. If you don’t know who he is, he’s the guy that has the same long curly hair that Kenny G does.

Kenny G is one of the most successful saxophone players in the world.

Weird Al is a successful parodist of popular songs.

Kenny G:

Weird Al Yankovic:

Can we appreciate the fact that their hair is exactly the same? And their eye color, too? It’s so beautiful. (Though, Weird Al’s curls are tighter than Kenny G’s. But still.)

Weird Al captivated me with his White and NerdyWord Crimes, Handy, and Tacky. He’s not only hilarious, but smart.

Kenny G, if I’m honest, is actually very talented. Personally, because I love jazz music, I can appreciate Kenny’s talent, even though I’m not a music major.

Weird Al video:

Kenny G video:

Enjoy the videos,


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