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Hello, readers!

I’ve found it rather silly that I’ve mentioned in a few posts how much I love Blue October, but I seem to leave the band out of my blog. I mean, I do have other bands that I love, like Doomtree, Mumford & Sons, and Dan Bull for a few examples. My iPod and my Spotify account have tons of music on them, all ranging from instrumental to rap to spoken word. .

But, I do have my obsessions. I can’t hide that , because being obsessed with music, fandoms, films, TV shows, and books is part of me.

Blue October is one of my many obsessions. Instead of giving you guys large blocks of text to read, I’ve decided to do a list. The numbers don’t matter. But the list does.

A Blue October List 

1. I became a fan on September 18, 2008. The first songs I purchased off of iTunes were “X-Amount of Words” and “Drilled a Wire through my Cheek.” Two months later, I purchased “Into the Ocean.”

2. This past September 18th was my 6th year as a fan. (Wow.)

3. Foiled was my first full album.

4. I identified with Justin’s (the lead singer & lyricist for the band) meditations on depression & anxiety. Especially when he referenced thinking about killing himself.

5. I’ve never been to a show of theirs. (Although, they do come to Minneapolis at least once whenever they’re on tour.) Maybe a graduation present for myself? Who knows?

6. Justin’s lyrics are poetic at times, which is why I fell in love with his songs. And his voice is the most raw and honest that I’ve heard in a lead singer. (I.E. When he sings about falling in love, or feeling depressed, it all sounds real, no matter the emotion.)

7. As a fan, I’m prone to bringing Blue October up at random intervals. But I’m getting better at keeping that under control.

8. My mom today, when I mentioned Justin in the car, asked me, “Who’s that?” even though I’ve told her that he’s the lead singer for Blue on and off for years.

9. I love the inclusion of the violin in a rock band. I know that that’s getting to be more prevalent, but it’s still fun to hear Ryan on the strings amid guitars.

10. If you want something happy & hopeful to listen to, check out Sway. 

11. All of the band members are married & have kids now.

12. The day I overheard Abbie listening to Jump Rope, I was shocked & so happy. (She has claimed in the past that she isn’t really into the band. But I’ve found songs that she likes.)

13. The song “Jump Rope” was the inspiration for the title of this blog.

14. Their logo:


15. A 1998 group photo:


16: A 2013 group photo:


Getting older is a strange, strange thing.

17. “Jump Rope” lyrics. Justin wrote this song for his oldest daughter, Blue.


18. Sway is a much more positive album. Overall, the happiness, joy, and determination to face life head-on is something that I’m experiencing.

19. One day, I’ll see these guys in concert. It’ll be an amazing, surreal experience. I can’t wait.

20. Everyone in the band is seriously talented. (Ryan, for example, plays violin/viola, mandolin, piano, & does backing vocals.)

21. An acoustic performance.

22. A huge thank you to Justin, Jeremy, Ryan, Matt, & C.B. for keeping the music real!

Tell me about your favorite band in the comments!


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