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Versatile Blogger Award!

Hello, dear readers!

I won a blogging award today! Yay!

Here are the rules for the VBA (or Versatile Blogger Award):

1. Show the award on your blog. (Check.)

2. Thank the person who nominated you. (I’ll be getting to that in a bit.)

3. Share seven facts about yourself. (Fun facts comin’ right up!)

4. Nominate 15 blogs. (How about two?)

5. Link your nominee’s blogs and let them know. (Okay, got it!)

Thank You, Britta!

Today I got a wonderful surprise email from Britta of It’s a Britta Bottle! She is a wonderful person–we have class together this semester on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She is also an amazing blogger, who writes about her life with an honesty and a dedication that I admire. Keep up the good work, Britta!

Seven Fun Facts 

1. When I was a little girl, I once wanted to name a couple of my toys Deodorant and Cigarette because I liked how these two words rolled off my tongue.

2. I’ve always struggled with puzzles. When I was in elementary school, I was once asked to complete a puzzle. I got so upset that I hid under the table. (And I might have actually thrown the puzzle, too.) Needless to say, when the whole Candy Crush phase started, I was highly reluctant to download the app on my phone. I tried to for a couple of days. My sister got ahead of me pretty quickly. Frustrated and confused, I ended up deleting Candy Crush. But recently, I’ve downloaded a puzzle game that is so far something I can handle: it’s a Doctor Who puzzle game, and so far, I love it!

3. I’ve been mistaken for a freshman on multiple occasions. When I went for a chip run a while ago, the girl working the cashier thought I was a freshman. I politely corrected her with a smile and a laugh. I’ve known for several years now that my short height and my youthful features is the reason why I confuse people. At least I’ll age gracefully!

4. I will turn twenty-four this March 1, 2015. I’m excited to celebrate with my friends and family!

5. I’ve lived in the same dorm at Morris all five years that I’ve been here. Sometimes I think it’s a bit annoying living among mostly freshmen students, but then I wouldn’t have met some of my current friends. Or my current boyfriend, for that matter.

6. One of my favorite bands from the ’90s was *NSYNC, though I was much too young at the time to think that any of the boys in the band were cute. I just liked their music.

7. I used to hate the horror genre with a passion. Until recently. Last year, I discovered an amazing–in my opinion–show. While I’m not an avid horror watcher, I feel like American Horror Story does a good job playing and dealing with conventional tropes. I’ve been unable to guess what’s going to happen in this show, for the most part. And I’ve actually jumped a few times, which hardly ever happens if I end up watching horror. I also am in love with the main theme. It’s gloriously haunting and intriguing, at least for me.

Sorry that the sound quality is a bit tinny.

I saw Cabin in the Woods last spring and was honestly blown away. The film managed to subvert major horror clichés, which was deeply refreshing.

Blog Nominations 

For the Versatile Blogger Award, I nominate Life with a Voice for their beautiful pictures and positive anecdotes about life. Life with a Voice blogs about a variety of topics, writing about everything from opera to photography. I think someone who is so passionate and diligent about their blog topics deserves proper recognition.

I also nominate Nerdy Book Club, a dedicated group of elementary and high school teachers. Donalyn, Colby, Katherine, and Cindy blog about a wide range of children’s books and YA literature. Their About page proudly proclaims that “like us, you probably always have a book along to read, a title to recommend, and time to talk about works held dear.” I agree wholeheartedly!

Again, a huge thank you to Britta for the VBA nomination!


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